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Let’s face it, in today’s society most women are raising their sons on their own, and it’s up to us to make sure our boys grow into the best men that they can be.Here are 9 things moms can do from

Lesson 1: Throw Assumptions Away

Many women endorse “The Guy Alibi.” It’s usually the sentence invoked after experiencing the negligence, limitation or disappointment attributed as common or expected male behavior. It goes something like this: “Well, what can you expect, he’s just a guy.” Perhaps the most radical thing a mother can do for her son—and for the women who will come after her—is reject this notion. Limitation should not be the watchword of masculinity; when your son is doing something that smacks of such “guyness,” don’t give in—demand more or better. It may not win you awards in the moment, but the quality and authenticity of his life, and the people his life affects, depend on it.

Lesson 2: Teach Him to Honor Women

It sounds old-fashioned, but it is powerfully feminist. If women are ever to gain true equality, true respect must be enforced first. Here’s where chivalry, if it is dead, can be resurrected. Ask your son to stand up when being introduced to a woman; require that he write a thank-you note to his aunt for a gift given; don’t allow him to interrupt when his sister is speaking—these small gestures are about respect for women, which helps cement a lifelong habit in men for viewing them as equals.READ MORE HERE

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