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Mascara is great for giving a “natural” look to a plain face, so long as one isn’t near any precipitation or tear-jerker movies. Conversely, waterproof mascara works like a champ when it comes to smudging and running, but it’s hell to remove, even with the most super-strength eye makeup remover you own. So how can you feed your addiction and treat your eyelashes well at the same time?

blinc, formerly known as Kiss Me, has launched a mascara laced with what they’ve branded as “tube technology.” Instead of coating one’s lashes with the super-strong, budgeless gunk that regular waterproof mascaras do, blinc’s formula creates tiny waterproof “tubes” around each lash, making them appear fuller and longer, yet easy to remove with simple water application.

Those of you who wear contacts know how gross and irritating it can be trying to scrub your lashes clean of waterproof mascara without losing a contact or scraping your eyeballs. Contact-and-mascara wearers have also probably had the displeasure of sacrificing a contact or two to mascara that gets on your lens and refuses to rub off….and contact lenses are NOT cheap. This mascara doesn’t run if you cry, sweat, get caught in a sprinkler system, swim, rub your eyes during a long day at work, or stand around outside on a super-humid day. It comes off in little tubes with a little water and gentle pressure, so you don’t have to lose an eyelash or 7 every time you take your makeup off, and you can wear it to bed and not wake up with crazy raccoon eyes. Great if you’re not trying to scare off your morning quickie by looking like you got punched in the face in the middle of the night.

$25, blincinc.com

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