Dear Kareem,

Is it possible for a man that has two women to choose to be with the woman who he may have feelings for, but is not in love with, instead of the one who he is in love with… for the sake of less arguing, fighting, and overall drama?

Kareem Says:

This is a hard question to answer because I don’t know the whole scenario. I will do my best with the little bit of info that is provided.

Men choose one woman over the other for a variety of reasons. When we are forced to choose, we subconsciously conduct a Cost Benefit Analysis. We do this in our heads or with our boys. During the Cost Benefit Analysis, several factors are juggled and weighed against one another. Which girl has the biggest ass? Who is freakier in bed? Who makes more money? Which girl is cool enough to hang around my boys? Who has the potential to meet my family? Those a just a few of the biggies.

All those factors are reviewed, and generally the man makes a decision based on the probability of him coming out on top with the most pluses and the least minuses.

Of course, we men are generally stupid and our smaller head trumps common sense, friends, father figures, and all the cost benefit analyses known to man.

So, to answer your question, if he can keep screwing you and the other girl, he will continue to do so. And if he has to chose one, he is going to go for the one that give him the less grief and the most benefits – regardless of love/emotions/etc.

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