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Dear Kareem,

I’m a very sensual person, but I keep myself in check. I don’t let my hormones dictate my actions. I met this guy over two months ago, and he’s 9 years younger than me. When my kids (all grown) found out we were on a date one night, they harassed me to come home, so finally, i did. After a couple days of subsequent talking, the guy stopped talking to me completely. He finally said he doesn’t want to cause a problem between me and my kids, but later said he wanted to meet them. Unfortunately, it’s been over a week and he still hasn’t called me. I haven’t slept with him yet. Do i even entertain the suggestion that he meet my kids, or should I move on to the next guy?

Kareem Says:

NO! Why would you let this wishey-washey dude meet your kids? What purpose would it serve? Why are your kids harassing you about what you do? You are grown and so are they. We know what grown people do. Hell, they doing it – or should be. Tell them to get some business.

You said that he’s 9 years younger than you. So let’s say you are 50 – he’d be 41. Why is he still playing games at this age? He should know what to do in a relationship at this point. Don’t let him met your family. If you need him to clear those cobwebs, go for it, but keep it real with him and yourself.

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