Okay, I’m a very confused young woman. I don’t understand why my man cheated. He told me it was only one time, but I found out it was more than once. He did it with a family member, but I keep going back, and now he acts brand new, calling me and wanting to spend time. Plus, he just gotta out of jail for the second time this year. Can you help me?

Kareem says:

I think that it is time to do a self-assessment. Let me assist.

You have a man that:

1. Has been to jail two times in the last year.

2. Has had sex with one of your family members.

3. Clearly does not have a career or career ambitions (refer to point #1)

4. Is putting you at risk for a disease because he is promiscuous and a jailbird.

5. Is dumb and has no regard for you as a human being, let alone as a girlfriend.

Time to shift gears and learn to love yourself. You don’t need a man that provides nothing positive. You should read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. It’s done wonders for me.


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