Let’s be honest, we’ve all faked an orgasm at one time or another.  Why do we do it?  Why don’t we just have this awkward conversation once and improve our sex life for the relationship-span of that partner?


Perhaps the most historically necessary white lie in the world is “faking.” If you’re like 75% of American women, you’re guilty of this little in-bed untruth. Unless you are incredibly lucky or have found that special guy, women fake it.

It’s harmless, right? You put on some “When Harry Met Sally”-quality theatrics and your man is none the wiser, with his ego intact.

Here’s the problem: After you have faked an orgasm once, you often have to keep faking. And since the guy thinks he’s found a technique that works, he’ll keep doing it — and you can’t really blame him since he thinks you love it. So if you want to stay with him (and actually climax now and then), you’ve gotta let him know.

Or you could also just try something fun until you have a real one, and hope he sticks to that habit.

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The Redirect

“I had been dating this guy for about three months, and I was really falling for him. The problem was, I could never orgasm with him. The first time we had sex he was like a jackhammer, and I majorly faked. I have no idea where he picked up his technique, but it was terrible.

“Every time after that, I had to fake. I finally just had to tell him the truth. To ease the way, I bought some really sexy lingerie and a few toys and gently broke him the news. He got quiet for a minute but once I initiated some fun, he was ready to try again and willing to take direction, too!”

– Becky, St. Louis

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