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Hey Kareem,

I been dating this guy for the last 5 months. We have a great relationship. He’s met my family and friends and vice-versa. Everything is all good… except he won’t go down on me. We talked about it a few times, and he says it’s not his thing. He says he has tried it before but prefers not to do it. But then he expects me to go down on him. I don’t mind doing it, but damn – return the favor! Its starting to bother me. All my other partners have loved doing it to me, except him. What do I do?

Kareem Says:

TELL HIM TO EAT THE BOX OR KICK ROCKS!!! I can’t believe that there are still grown men out here that still inhibit themselves like that. Listen, if he is not satisfying you 100% you may have to call it quits. Every person has an absolute requirement list. If he is not meeting your needs or is willing to try to meet your needs, get out while you are still ahead.

Also, don’t get in the habit of comparing him to former lovers. That will lead to some other B.S.

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