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When looking for or moving in with a new roommate, there are many things to consider and discuss before you decide to share your living space. Here are 5 topics to consider before taking the plunge from

1) Cleaning habits Some people wash their dishes immediately after use. Others get to scrubbing only after the sink is overflowing/you’ve run out of dishes to use. It might be best to live with someone who’s in the same cleaning boat as yourself.

2) Sleeping habits. A night owl and a morning bird can be roommates, but their nest probably won’t make for a happy home unless there are at least a few hours of sleeping time that overlaps.

3) Guest habits. Will they have frequent game nights? Will you have frequent over night guests? What is each person’s definition of a “small gathering”?

4) Tendency to feed small wild/feral animals. Stray cats are cute (to us, anyway) but to others they are loud, flea-ridden nuisances. Make sure all parties are on the same page when it comes to what to do with the wildlife. (This includes bird feeders, which can affect a night owl’s sleep in the morning.)

5) How loud does one need music/TV. Some people have to watch movies with complete surround sound, others are perfectly content to listen with headphones.


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