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UPDATE: MEOWW!!! Keri Hilson appeared on a DC radio station and confirmed she WAS talking about Beyonce in her “Turnin’ Me On” remix.

Here’s what Keri said:

Interviewer: When you wrote Beyonce’s verse in Love In This Club and hear Beyonce singing it … did she sing it like you sang it, or did you change it up.

Keri: It pretty much is the same … She doesn’t write everything she touches


Is Keri just doing this for publicity?

Why is everyone picking on Beyonce?

I just came across this post on and had to share with our readers.

In this remix to the T-Pain & Lil Wayne track, “Turnin’ Me On”, Keri reminds Beyoncé who wrote her hits!

You don’t expect R&B vixens to snatch off their earrings and kick off their heels on wax – unless there’s an album release on the horizon. Which ironically (or not,) is Ms. Hilson’s current situation: March 24th to be exact.

Well if it’s even more attention that she wants for In A Perfect World… than even a #1 hit can give her, she’s got it by going at Sasha Fierce a.k.a. Beyoncé Knowles herself.

“Just check the credits, ho…”

Listen below:

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