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“First Lady Under Fire For Her Glitzy Spanish Vacation.” I read this title and wondered what exactly was there for her to be “under fire”? Did she run into cultural differences while there and perhaps insult someone? Did she bring some sort of contraband and run into trouble with the local authorities or customs? No.

It appears that her trouble stems from people’s opinion that the President’s wife is setting a bad example for citizens of the United States by going on expensive trips. Since many Americans are broke and struggling, shouldn’t they be considerate of that?

This is absolute crap. Michelle Obama is not the first nor will she be the last First Lady who goes on an expensive vacation. It is curious to me as to why the Obama’s are singled out for some of the same acts that the previous Presidents also committed but did not receive nearly as much slack. I hate to pull the “race card” but it is appropriate in this situation. Obama and his Black family are hyper-criticized over everything. The media searches for something negative even when there isn’t and puts their own spin on it to propel more negativity. People read it and fall into the hype.

This is one of those instances where they are digging for a problem when there clearly isn’t one.  Never before has there been a President who was constantly under such heavy scrutiny. Never before has there been a Black President. See where I am going here? So when President Obama’s Black wife and her friends go on a expensive trip, the s**t must hit the fan. How dare she act on any of her privileges as a First Lady?

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Another one of the criticisms about Michelle Obama’s vacation is the cost of the trip. I will admit that this complaint has some validity to it but not much. A writer for the New York Daily published an article calling Michelle a modern day “Marie Antoinette.” She went on to say that the hotel that Michelle Obama is staying in is the Hotel Villa Padierna, a Ritz-Carlton property often described as one of the world’s Top 10 hotels. The rates range between $500 and $2,500 a night. It’s not clear that the Obama delegation picked this hotel specifically, or if the Secret Service — which often gets final say over where a protectee stays — made the accommodations call.

What this writer failed to point out in her judgmental piece was that Mrs. Obama paid for her own personal expenses as well as the friends who are traveling with her. Granted the taxpayers will pay for the Secret Service’s accommodations but I still fail to see nothing different in this particular trip that Michelle Obama has taken versus any of the other vacations, privileges, and luxuries that many of the other past First Lady’s received. What makes this particular trip so different? You guessed it.  I guarantee you that if the First Lady was Susie Smith and she had blonde hair and blue eyes there would not be as much hype over this. Besides, can you imagine the lavishness that past First Ladies have received that never were made public because no one cared? Should we care now because this First Lady is chocolate? Via: Yahoo

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