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If you’re already BPA-free and more eco-conscious with SIGG‘s aluminum water bottles, now you can add an aluminum lunchbox to your collection!

SIGG now offers reusable environmentally safe and body aluminum lunchboxes in fun bright colors. They retail at $31.99 for the mini and $35.99 for the maxi. The lid buckles tight on sides and are perfect for snacks or storing anything!

We love using SIGG lunchboxes because we no longer have to purchase plastic storage containers that contain harmful chemicals and are really hard to recycle. This box will last a lifetime and is 100% recyclable!

These boxes are perfect for your kids’ lunches or for taking your meal to the office and will also keep you looking stylish with the different color options.

Click here for more info on SIGG products and the benefits of ditching plastic for a more safe and sustainable material!

Take a look at the different color options below:

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