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Necole Bitchie’s new digital magazine BitchieLife interviewed Lance Gross about his likes, his dislikes, his views on open marriage and things that he misses most about being in a relationship. Enjoy the excerpts below:

Since you are a bachelor now, what are some of the qualities that you look for in a woman?

I’m looking for someone who has their sh*t together. They gotta be independent, have goals in life, be tight-knit with their family, intelligent…. Those are the main things that I look for off top.

You had a very public relationship with Eva Marcille. Knowing what you know now, would you keep the next relationship private?

I will never have a public relationship like that one again. A lot of the reasons why we were so open was because we thought if we put it out there, then people aren’t going to speculate and make up their own stories. But it kind of backfired on us because everybody felt like they were in our relationship. They felt entitled to know all the information. So, I will never do that again. If it comes out then I am not going to deny who I am with, but my next relationship will definitely be more private than that one.”

What do you have to say to people who think that all celebrity relationships are business arrangements? For example, some couples are put together for publicity purposes.

I hear stuff like that all the time. I loved Eva and she loved me so that’s what it was. It wasn’t about if we get seen together it would boost our careers.

What do you like most about the single life vs. being in a relationship?

The freedom! I don’t have to answer to anybody. I can kick it with my boys freely. We can go wherever. I’ve always been the type to have a girl and be in a relationship so the single life is new to me.

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