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This nationwide heatwave has just proved to be a bit more bearable.

I chase the sun – literally. I find patches of light in a yard covered in shade to sit in, despite it being feet away from a group of friends. I make the most out of my hour-long lunches by turning them into outdoor tanning sessions. And I sneak into my father’s pool whenever he leaves for the weekend, making sure to have food, drink, and literature nearby, so as to never give myself a reason to exit.

Unfortunately though, I also have “mixed-girl” hair. And while that’s not a bad thing, it can be when mixed with chlorine. My Caribbean roots (Puerto Rican and Bajan) have provided me with ringlets that truly have a mind of their own. Once I think I’ve found a perfect product, my hair stops reacting positively to it, becomes immune to its once effective nature, and goes back to being unmanageable.

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Curly hair, no matter what race you are, tends to be more coarse, dry, and in desperate need of moisturization. So adding such a powerful oxidant like chlorine, the same used for bleach and disinfectants, only furthers the negative aspects of curls.

More than half my time spent in the pool is me trying not to get my hair wet. Only because I know the following days will be a hassle. Split ends, broken combs, deep conditioning, and a very slowww process of finally drying.

TRISWIM hair products doesn’t speed up the process of my air drying, but it does do a good job of not making my hair feel like a frizzy, thirsty, baked mess. The sales point says that after the shampoo washes the chemicals out of my strands, it restores them by adding Aloe Vera, and Vitamins A & E. While that may not be something I would’ve recognized by the blind eye, it’s definitely something I can feel. My hair feels stripped, but in a good way, so much so that if I a rub my finger back and forth against my scalp with a bit of pressure, it’ll make the “squeaky clean” sound. And I can apply the conditioner right after without feeling compelled to leave it in for a half hour while sitting under a heat cap. TRIMSWIM conditioner can do the job without that. It is advised that you rinse with cold water which took a bit of getting used to, but the aftereffect – a subtle but sexy sheen and citrusy smell – is worth it.

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