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Cleopatra, The Last Air Bender, Bonanza, Kung Fu, and so on. These are examples of movies and TV shows who instead of casting an ethnic actor to play an ethnic character they enlisted a White actor in their place. Sadly, “The Prince Of Persia”and the new version of the movie “Cleopatra” will join them in the manipulative studio tactic called race bending. Race bending is defined as when a movie studio/publisher, etc. changes the ethnicity of a character with a resultant discriminatory impact on an underrepresented cultural community and actors from that community. In other words, instead of casting a person of color to play a person of color, they enlist a White actor for the role instead.

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There are several reasons why studios take this direction. One being that they feel that the audience will not connect with the lead character unless they are white washed, even if the actual character is a person of color. Another is that they think that the audiences are so unaccustomed to seeing a person of color as lead in a big budget film that the movie could not possibly be a success if they cast an actual person of color in the role. Finally, if the character they are depicting in some way is a hero of sorts, or a historical legend, Hollywood prefers to portray those historical legendary types as being White. Not all legends but certain ones that they feel White audiences feel a connection to and want to fulfill that connection by portraying them as being ethic but not really THAT ethnic. Maintaining the thinking that the White audience members place this certain historical figure on a pedestal of some kind and can only accept seeing them as being White even if historical evidence says the opposite. Similar to how they often portray Jesus Christ. I digress.

One would assume from this long standing tradition of White washing characters that the movie studios assume that audience’s are intolerant, narrow minded, simpletons. Although we do have some members of our population who do represent that description, it does not count for the masses. Give audience’s credit. It should be clear to… To Read The Rest Go To YeahSheSaidIt

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