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Most of you may already know about the “interesting” comments made by rapper Slim Thug and his frustration about the lack of loyalty among black women. Well Actor Taye Diggs who we know has caught a lot of flack over his white wife, actress Idina Menzel,wants you to know he actually understands where the criticism is coming from.

In a recent interview, Taye says he used to have an issue with black men who only dated white women and that he used to want people to know he wasn’t one of those guys, but now he doesn’t really care:

“You know… I understand,” Diggs says. “It’s a situation that’s unfortunate, but at the same time, being a black man, I understand. I understand the idea of having something that you call your own, and how it could feel when a member of your clan, so to speak, chooses to be with someone from another clan. I get how that could make someone feel rejected.

“But that being said, I can’t tolerate that because it’s 2010 and I don’t have time for that. When I was younger I did get caught up with that. When I was growing up, there were guys who dated everybody, there were guys that only dated black girls, and there were guys who only dated white girls. Back then, I used to judge the black guys that only dated white girls and for so long, I wanted people to know, I’m not one of those guys.

Taye offered his perspective on Slim Thug’s comments about black women:

I try not to judge people,” Diggs says of the rapper’s remarks. “With comments like that, there’s often a deeper issue that has nothing to do with what the actual comment was. Race is such a deeply embedded issue and people get emotional about it. And when they get emotional about it, they speak from the gut.”


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