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In troubled times, many Americans have considered relocating their families to places in the country with greater opportunities. If you’re a parent, finding a safe, warm location for your children to grow and prosper is certainly a huge priority. We’ve reviewed some lists and compiled our own:

Honolulu, Hawaii

MSNBC notes that Honolulu had the highest spending on education in 2008 across the country. But don’t forget the amazing beaches, physical isolation and safety it could provide for your children.

Honolulu has topped Forbe’s safest cities list on several occasions.

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Phoenix, Arizona

Homes and land are dirt cheap in Phoenix. And there’s a lot of dirt in other parts of Arizona too! Yahoo! Finance says that if you’re family is into the great outdoors, Phoenix is for you, conveniently located near many major parks and outdoor attractions.

The Grand Canyon is about 4 hours from Phoenix.

Denver, Colorado

Denver is a small city that’s surrounded by many lush parks and natural reserves. The city has excellent schools, low crime and is close to the renowned Colorado State University.

Child Magazine ranked Denver as the best city to raise children because of its clean air, health care, schooling and safety.

Mount Prospect, Illinois

Yahoo! Finance said Mount Prospect, near Chicago, was a good choice for families. Although it’s a pricey area, there are a range of homes in most price brackets. Schools and safety are a top priority for the city.

It’s location to Chicago is also a huge plus.

Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

MediaTakeOut said Raleigh-Durham was ideal for black families with a job growth rate of 3.4 per cent and the highest employment statistics in their entire list of best cities. When keeping your kid employed is important, this statistic might be extremely helpful for you.

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Austin, Texas

RelocateAmerica has nothing but praise for Austin. In several of their ‘Best Of’ lists Austin represents: Top 10 Breakout cities, Top 10 Overall cities, Top 10 Earth Friendly cities, and Top 10 Large cities.

Money magazine is also big on this Texan jewel, ranking it number 2 big city in ‘Best Cities To Live.’ The blend of cultures and the range of outdoor activities on offer to keep your children occupied also work in Austin’s advantage.

Louisville, Kentucky

When you drive through Louisville, you’re going to wonder why you’d never heard anything great said about the city.

Louisville is located on the Ohio River, where the Mid-West meats the South. If you’re from either of those regions, Louisville can be a happy medium where you can pursue characteristics of each culture.

The city is home to a range of parks and recreational facilities and is small enough for you to not lose your kids in the big city smoke.

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