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Why do people feel that others should have be financially responsible for their children? I am talking about the individuals who are without education, without employment, and have no plans on getting a job in the near future yet still manage to get themselves pregnant or impregnate someone.

They do this knowing that the state that they live in will assist them financially in raising their child. They do this knowing that welfare is their fall back. I am not talking about the mothers and fathers who go to work everyday and need that extra money from the state to care for their family. Everyone needs help and they deserve it the most. I am talking about the people who have made a conscious decision to get pregnant, as well as a decision that they are never going to work or make an effort to be financially stable. Yeah, those losers.

Why is it our responsibility to finance you and your children’s well being if you are making no plans to even attempt to better your lives?

I know what you are thinking. No one wants to be unemployed. No one purposely resists looking for a job, or finishing their education. Life is hard and they just deal with the cards they were dealt. I am here to tell you my friend that you are wrong. You are very wrong!

I have seen that extent of lackadaisical behavior with my own two eyes! It does exist! There certainly are people who have decided that their occupation in life is “slacker” and they refuse to get off their ass and try harder or even try at all. In which case, hey, if you want to be a loser then by all means go for it. You are a grown person who has the right to control the direction of their lives.

However, when you involve children and do not take the steps necessary in preventing bringing another life that you cannot care for or even worse you PURPOSELY get pregnant knowing that you have NOTHING to offer that child then that is selfish. It is selfish for you to assume that others want to take care of you and your children and selfish for you not to want to at least try to prepare yourself so that you can give your child a better life. That pisses me off.

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