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After working so hard on your body all year to rock your summer outfits, you don’t want to get distracted this late in the game.  Let’s face it: barbecues, campfires, cocktails, and picnics can really take a toll on your newly toned stomach.  Take a step back and follow these simple tips to enjoy the perks of the summer while still taking care of your bod.

You are going to be handed burgers and hot dogs left and right.  Swap your white buns for some wheat buns and carry on.  This simple solution keeps your food tasting great while adding more fiber and protein to your meal.  Go the whole nine yards when it comes to wheat: swap your normal pasta for whole grain pasta and keep your pasta salad tasting great!  When you go out to eat, ask for brown rice instead of white rice.  This doesn’t cost more and it makes a big part of your meal much healthier.

It’s not even worth it to try to convince yourself to say no to dessert.  It’s hot and you deserve it. But wait: you have options! Say no to the ice cream sundae and go for some frozen yogurt instead.  It’s just as delicious and comes in different flavors, but has fewer calories than regular ice cream. Another option is popsicles.  Fruit freezes are delicious, healthy, and satisfying.  You can eat them on the go and enjoy whichever fruit you’re in the mood for.

When mixing your own drinks at parties, pay attention to your options.  Choose the mixer with less sugar and enjoy your buzz.  Sometimes people mix a lot more than they intended- use some ice in your drink to slow down and cool off.  You will know exactly when to stop and you will feel the refreshing perks of your iced summer cocktail.

All social summer occasions involve food.  When you’re around other people who are eating, you will grab a handful of whatever is around to munch on. Chances are that this snack is not as healthy as it could be.  Keep a little something in your bag for the small social occasions that you would otherwise find yourself eating chips and candy at. Something that always works is trail mix: there are so many different types with a variety of healthy snacks in them.

Who would have thought that being careful could feel so good? Follow these tips and give a little to get A LOT: keep that beach bod lookin’ hot while enjoying the summer and everything that comes with it.

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