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Greetings Everyone!

I cannot thank you enough for all your love, support, and blessings! They truly mean the world to me.

I am hoping each and everyone of you will support my new tribute book to the late great, E. Lynn Harris. VISIBLE LIVES, is a book that myself, Stanley Bennett Clay, and James Earl Hardy have written three novellas honoring a giant who paved the way for many authors in the literary world.

I am asking if you all would please go to your local bookstores, or order on-line your copy of VISIBLE LIVES. First week sales mean a lot to an author and we really need your support. Besides, this is the first time a tribute book has been written honoring another literary icon, especially a black literary icon who changed the landscape of fiction. We can only keep the legacy and works of E. Lynn alive if you support this new book. So, tell all your friends, family members, and colleagues. I am certain you will not be let down in this befitting tribute.

Also, check back on Thursday for the weekly “Read A Book” feature and I will have a chapter from the book posted!

You can order the book, HERE!

Thank you again, and I hope to meet many of you on our book tour this summer!

Former Abuser Reacants His Life In Chilling Memoir, “My Darkest Hour”

In July of 2009, the literary world mourned the passing of one of its greatest writers and pioneers; E. Lynn Harris. Harris whose novels about successful and glamorous black men with sexual identity conflicts (and the women and men who love them) was one of the nation’s most popular writers. Now, three of his friends; Essence bestselling author Terrance Dean, James Earl Hardy and Stanley Bennett Clay have come together to produce; VISIBLE LIVES. Being published this June by Dafina Books, it is a powerful tribute to the late Harris in which they present new novellas in the genre E. Lynn helped create.

In VISIBLE LIVES, readers are introduced to three novellas House of John, The Intern and Is it Still Jood to Ya. In House of John, Jesse Templeton is a thirty-eight year old freelance photographer still reeling from a recent breakup with his live-in boyfriend Sean. He thinks he’s done with love —that is until finds he starts falling for a gorgeous local at an annual sex retreat in Santo Domingo. In The Intern, workaholic television executive Chase Kennedy finds himself drawn to the office’s new intern, sexy college student and basketball star Quincy Thornberry. Things couldn’t be going better until Chase learns that Quincy’s father may be the man he lost both his virginity and his heart to years prior. Lastly in Is It Still Jood to Ya?, actor Raheim Rivers is anxious to be reunited with his lover Mitchell Crawford after being away a long time. Uncertain about the future of their relationship, Raheim and Mitchell are forced to confront their issues and each other when a summer blackout strands them together in New York.

In what, New York Times Bestselling author Zane calls “a creative way to pay homage to a writer who paved the way for so many authors.” VISIBLE LIVES will not disappoint fans of the late Harris, and is sure to gain these three writers new fans.


Stanley Bennett Clay is the author of three novels; DIVA (Holloway House), IN SEARCH OF PRETTY YOUNG BLACK MEN, and LOOKER (Simon & Schuster/Atria Books). A former editor for both Black Beat and SBC Magazine, he is also an award-winning playwright and actor.

Terrance Dean is the author of the Essence bestselling memoir HIDING IN HIP HOP (Simon & Schuster/Atria Books) as well as RECLAIM YOUR POWER! (Villard/Random House). He has worked in the entertainment industry for many years as a producer and is the founder/creator of Men’s Empowerment, Inc.

James Earl Hardy was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and is an honors graduate of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. He is the author of the bestselling B-Boy Blues series, including LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH, A HOUSE IS NOT A HOME and his first short story collection; THE FREAK FILEZ: AN EROTIC ANTHOLOGY, just released this spring.