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Hello Beautiful People!!!! How are you all this week? I am constantly asked how do I recover from intense work weeks for example this week that just passed. Traveling across the country, getting off the plane and heading straight to work I am not new to. In fact, all the years I’ve worked with 12 time Grammy award Winner Alicia Keys we have pretty much worked like this and it is normal for us.

Just to give you a picture of our intense work schedule several years ago we flew to Thailand for the MTV Asia Relief where Alicia performed and hosted the event after 14 hours of flying. As soon as she raised her hand to commence the show and say Good night we were high tailing it back to the airport literally 8 hours later and flying to Fort Lauderdale FL where Alicia was performing for the half time show of the Super Bowl. Again, right off the plane and to work. Then the next day we flew back across country to do the Grammys where Alicia collected several more Golden statues. This is the life of a celebrity and their glam.

Getting off of a plane and working is normal in my line of work. This is what makes makeup, hair and wardrobe stylist who work at this level the skilled professionals they are. We are used to working on little sleep, working on planes if time is running out, on tour buses, in bathrooms and where else we need to work to get the job done.

However, even though I have a workaholic mentality doesn’t mean that I don’t need to take a moment to breath, decompress and refuel. In fact, it is crucial for me and anyone who is working on little sleep, long hours, raising children, battling flu’s, health issues, dealing with spouses, trying to nurture pets, maintaining a mortgage, rent, car note or whatever to refuel.

I know times are a little challenging and to spend on a spa service may not be an option for you at this moment. However, I have learned to create spa like environments right in my own bathroom that help me and my family to decompress from a hectic life.


A hot bath with Sea Salt or Epsom Salt works wonders on tired muscles. I love to add essential oils from Young and Living in Bergamot, Lavender and Sandalwood to further mind, body and spirit.

I love burning Nag Champa Incense to create a zen feeling in my bathroom whether at home or in my hotel room.

Candles always create a feeling of healing and warmth. I love Diptyque Candles which are amazing, but if I’m saving money a simple white glass candle from the grocery store works fine too.

Keep the lights dim and bring in an ipod with speakers if you have one and play tranquil music, jazz or whatever helps you to relax.

Luxuriate afterwards with great products like C.O. Bigelow Lavender Bath Gel and Lotion, use a Pedi Egg and scrub away rough skin, use Deporah Lippman Collection Callus off cream to smooth tired heels and seal in moisture with Carol’s Daughter Sage and Shea Butter Foot Butter.

Have fun and paint your nails try a new line started by celebrity Nail guru Myridith Leon-McCormack and Melky Jean M2M Natural Nail Care line which is luxury in a bottle with a wide variety of colors to select from.

I ask my family for me time when I need a moment to refuel. I lock myself in my bedroom with a great book, music and just sleep and meditate for a few hours. My family knows its not often that I get these moments to just be still and think. So they graciously oblige my request which I am very grateful for.

Don’t be proud people ask for those moments so that you can be your best self for your family, your careers, your friends and most importantly your self.

Until next time!


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