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During a recent appearance at South Carolina State University, rapper David Banner stunned the audience when he made the statement that “Blacks Don’t Love Themselves.”

In a question-and-answer session, Banner challenged black women in attendance to explain why they perm and straighten their hair. In response came the defense that “hair perming” is equated with being able to get a decent job as a professional and not being viewed as a threat by bosses who are usually of a different race.

“This is what I mean when I say black people don’t love themselves,” Banner said. “Perming your hair is a clear example of ‘black-on-black crime’ and media control. Black-on-black crime is not just a black person committing a violent act against another black person.”

Focusing deeper on the media’s impact, Banner said the continuing depiction of blacks as aggressive and as a threat to society lowers the value of black life.

“Blacks have accepted the way they are portrayed in the media as a reality,” Banner said. “This sad reality makes it easier for a black person to commit a crime against other people of color.”

Touching on a recent issue in the news, Banner labeled as unfair the media coverage of domestic violence allegations against singer Chris Brown regarding striking his girlfriend, Pop singer Rihanna.

“Chris Brown is being convicted and character assassinated in the media and we don’t even know what Rihanna did yet,” Banner said.

Guess Banner did not see the photo of Rihanna’s face.

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