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Waiting for sex vs. sex on the first date. Does it matter?

This is a discussion that always comes up when the topic of dating protocol arrives. Many women feel that the man is less likely to take them seriously and want to pursue a relationship with them if they give up the goods too soon. Think about it ladies. We were taught since little girls that boys want what is between our legs and will say almost anything to get to it. We were taught to protect it. Little boys on the contrary are taught to be conquerors and the more notches under their belt the better a man they are. For women, as we get older some of the glitter and gold of the “vagina is sacred” concept starts to fade as we see that even the good girls get played. So what happens then? Some give up on the concept of being pure like snow and decide that they have control over their bodies and that they too want the same sexual freedoms that men have.  The reality surfaces that not every woman is interested in having a relationship with every man she sleeps with.

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Then there is a man’s point of view where some feel that if they want to be in a relationship with you it does not matter how soon you give it up. If they already like you then the sex will be like the cherry on top.

In 2010, does it matter if you wait until you are in a committed relationship to have sex? For ladies, does this guarantee that the man will treat you better or want to be in a relationship with you? For the guys, does a woman who wants to make you wait turn you off or does it make you appreciate her more? Are there people in the world who still live by this code?

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Here is my point of view. As a woman, I would say that sex on the first date is not a good idea if you like this guy. If you know that you like this guy and want to possibly pursue a relationship with him then your best bet is to wait until you know how he feels about you. You don’t necessarily have to wait until you are in a relationship for sex but you should definitely know that he likes you for you and that usually takes more than one date to distinguish. Now, if you….. To Read The Rest Visit YeahSheSaidIt

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