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This message is for the single mothers who have a busy dating life. Now there is nothing wrong with you dating as often as you like. Being a mother does not mean that you forgo your romantic life. I do have a problem with women who date men and then allow them to move into their home at a fast pace. It especially bothers me when I see that the mother has little girls. Why? Because I have noticed a disturbing pattern. Little girls grow up seeing their mother swap out man like underwear and then they grow into women who do the same damn thing. Searching and searching, but are not clear what they are looking for.

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These young women then think it is acceptable to have boyfriends living in their homes with their children because this is what they saw growing up. The pattern continues. Single moms, if your children, see you bringing home different men on a regular basis they will copy this behavior. I am a living witness to this. I have family members who committed the exact act and their daughters are now following in those same footsteps.

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What is my point? Simple. Date. Date as often as you like. But….. To Read The Rest Go To YeahSheSaidIt

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