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Wonderwall caught up with Solange Knowles on Thursday night at the DKMS’s 4th Annual Gala: Linked Against Leukemia in New York City. And she had plenty to say! Solange weighed in on Sandra Bullock’s adoption, her own five-year-old son and Beyonce’s future as a mama.

But it was her first answer that was most interesting.

What do you think of Sandra Bullock adopting a baby?

I think it’s a phenomenal, beautiful thing. Kelly Rowland actually grew up with us. She moved in when she was 5 and so we have sort of a blended family. I’ve only ever looked at her as a sister. I think adoption is a beautiful thing.

Would you consider adopting down the road?

I would absolutely.

Beyonce said she loves to have her nephew with her, does she give him back?

Yeah, I think that’s a cool dynamic but I’m sure one day soon she’ll want one of her own.

What would make her such a great mom?

I think she just has one of the most beautiful hearts that I’ve ever experience in life. She’s just a very kind hearted and patient person.

Have you ever given her advice about being a mom?

When we get to the point, I’ll start laying down the line.

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