Winston Duke

Listen...we need a sequel just of his melanated meaty legs.

The #Mbakuchallenge is the latest social media trend going viral and we’re just sitting back watching with joy as bearded men take on the leader of the Jabari tribe’s scene-stealing voice. So menacingly good. We recently caught up with Winston Duke, who plays M’Baku, and he had his to say about his newfound fame. […]

The #MBakuChallenge might be the perfect treat to wrap up Black History Month 2018. Black Twitter has been swept up in the might of the Jabari. Winston Duke unintentionally stole every scene as M’Baku, and his performance made such an impact that we can’t get his lines out of our heads. And, apparently, we’re not […]

Ryan Coogler is emotionally overwhelmed by the support Black Panther is receiving and penned a personal letter to express his gratitude. The young director thanked fans, the Black Panther cast and the team who worked on the film. Winston Duke, who plays M’Baku in the Marvel masterpiece, also shared his appreciation for Coogler on social […]