Anyone that has ever gotten engaged is familiar with the onslaught of questions that fly their way as soon as they announce they’re getting married. After everyone’s done oohing and ahhing over the engagement ring, brides-to-be should expect to be interrogated about a wedding date or their dress. They should even expect questions about who […]

You can assume that everyone’s bringing a smart phone as their +1 to your wedding. Even before you toss the bouquet and make your grand exit, your weddding will be splashed across social media. You’ll be sure to see shots from the dance floor on Facebook, a plate from the reception (#foodporn) on Twitter, and […]

Growing up, countless women find themselves dreaming grand ideas about what their wedding will be like. Many envision that they’ll get to be princess for a day with their gorgeous gown, handsome hubby, great music, and TONS of people to celebrate the whole thing. But while big weddings are fabulous, we’ve got a few reasons you might want […]

A new sneak peek from her wedding special shows that Yandy Smith is not into the label Bridezilla. There’s a difference between being a discerning bride that knows what she wants and being a complete pain in everyone’s behind. In the first glimpse of Love & Hip Hop LIVE: The Wedding, Yandy has no problem […]

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Due to my Type A personality and our limited finances, we decided to fore-go a wedding planner. I am pretty effective and efficient when it comes to making plans and executing them and I have a bevy of friends who are great planners as well, so I figured with my attention to detail and timeliness, […]

It’s a week of wedding planning advice for the newly engaged! If you’re one of those brides, we’ve created a blueprint for your first few steps. Before you start trying on dresses, looking for reception venues or obsessing over wedding colors, there’s something much more important you should be working on: Your Wedding Budget. Yeah, […]