Willie Rogers, who also served with the Red Tail Angels, passed away from complications from a previous stroke.

Experts say that today's housing discrimination is still present and is much more subtle, as Black renters are turned away from certain areas.

After being denied Captain’s Wings, a Tuskegee Airman is finally getting his dues. Harry Stewart tried to get a job as an airline pilot twice in 1949 all because he was black. Stewart was a fighter pilot during World War II with the legendary 332d Fighter Group, who was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross Medal but […]


Clarence E. Huntley and Joseph Shambrey, two men of the historic all-Black Tuskegee Airmen military, passed away on January 5, at the same age of 91-years-old. Post World War II, the two were very much attached at the hip and “were friends all the way to the end,” as remembered by Huntley’s nephew, Craig Huntly (yes, that’s […]