Black Twitter turned the "Brooklyn 9-1-1" actor's gaffe into a hilarious opportunity to show off their unique fashion game.


Why is it so hard for some Black men to fight for us the same way we fight for them?

While every day could easily be dedicated to celebrate Gabrielle Union, today (Jan. 29) is officially that day! Thanks to Ultra Violet, a fabulous feminist organization that focuses on policy, violence against women and other issues, it’s #GabUnionAppreciationDay! This amazing thread pointed out what an amazing mother, wife, and actress Gabrielle is and her ability […]


Rapper Wale also had some serious words for the "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actor for calling Neeson's racist desires to murder merely a man at a "fork in the road."


The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actor told Bravo's Andy Cohen that the sistas showed up for him, while too many brothas made him the butt of their jokes.

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An online petition asks Starz network to sever their relationship with the rapper after he made light of the actor's sexual assault.

Crews testified in front of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee during the floor arguments for the The Sexual Assault Bill Of Rights.


As the #MeToo movement continues in Hollywood, one of the first straight, male actors to come forward, Terry Crews, was recently served with some disheartening news. Earlier this week it was determined that no criminal charges would be filed in Crews’ sexual assault case against a Hollywood agent. Late last year, actor Terry Crews filed […]

While Adam Venit may be back to work after his suspension, the "Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor" is not giving the A-list Hollywood agent a pass.

The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actor was not happy that Adam Venit still has his job after the Hollywood agent allegedly groped him last year.

Wendy Williams has decided to reveal her own brush with sexual assault at the office. Wendy tends to share a lot about herself while spilling the tea on other celebrities, and this week was no different. While speaking on the truly cringeworthy sexual misconduct allegations against journalist Charlie Rose, she revealed that she had also […]