"Where else are you going to meet people in this business?" Smiley said during a recent TV appearance.

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"I am not an angry Black man," the talk show host said during a Monday morning taping.

PBS has put the talk show host on ice while they investigate accusations that he engaged in sexual relationships with subordinates who worked for his show.

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PBS’s Tavis Smiley says Fox’s monster hit show Empire may not be showing the best images of Black people on television. In fact, he suggests it may actually be showing only the worst. In a clip from his upcoming interview on Larry King’s PoliticKING , the television host said he’s overheard conversations in barber shops and other […]


Hollywood heavyweight Benedict Cumberbatch quickly learned how to get schooled by the Internet when he accidentally referred to Black actors, as not “Black” or “or color” but, “colored.” The current Oscar nominee, who was formerly seen in 2013’s 12 Years A Slave, said the archaic term during his conversation with PBS (and Black) host, the prominent […]

Tavis Smiley is convinced that having a black president may ultimately hurt the black community. Tavis has had a lot of complaints about President Barack Obama pretty much from the beginning of his administration. The thought leader and Dr. Cornel West have not been quiet about their assessment of his performance, even challenging the president […]

This week’s headlines had my mind reeling. From President Obama’s “anger” to Elmo aka Kevin Clash’s sordid love affair, there’s so much that needed to be read this week. Must Read: Black Friday 2012: How To Get Through This Marathon Day Of Shopping We’ve compiled a short list of stories that are sure to add […]