Laura Govan is setting the record straight about rumors of her connection to Vincent Herbert. Tamar Braxton lit Instagram on fire last month as she kissed 2017 goodbye by claiming that Vince was getting ready to have a baby with another woman. Laura became a target of suspicion when Tamar tagged her, questioning whether the […]

Evelyn Braxton has more to say about the alleged abuse in Tamar Braxton‘s marriage with Vincent Herbert. Evelyn is fed up, and she’s not keeping any more secrets about Tamar and Vince. Right after news of their divorce broke, she made statements to TMZ that seemed to confirm claims of Vince abusing Tamar. Now, Evelyn’s […]

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It seems that when Evelyn spilled the tea it didn't exact sit well with her daughter.

Vincent Herbert believed his estranged wife Tamar Braxton might be going through something before she filed for divorce. Tamar and Vince are living through love and war in a trailer for season 5 of Tamar & Vince. The clip mostly focuses on Tamar as she reflects on a difficult year and reaches out to her […]

It looks like Tamar Braxton may be signaling that something is wrong in the Herbert household. There’s a lot going on with Tamar right now. The Blue Bird of Happiness siren sparked speculation that she’s upset with her husband Vincent Herbert after posting an unapologetic message on Instagram. She followed it up with this […]

It looks like Tamar Braxton has finally been released from the hospital just in time to get ready for the holidays. The “Tamar & Vince” star landed back in the hospital last week for unspecified reasons as she continues to recover from pneumonia and blood clots in her lungs. It’s assumed that her recovery hit […]

Nearly a week after serious health problems sidelined her on Dancing With The Stars, Tamar Braxton is getting back to her old self. The Tamar & Vince star was clearly feeling much better when she announced to her fans that she’s leaving the hospital. She was so excited that she had to hit a high […]


A lot has changed in Tamar Braxton‘s life including her relationship with husband/manager, Vince Herbert. The ‘Love & War’ singer is very open about her love for Vince, but she reveals on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” they fight a lot, too. Watch the exclusive video below to see Tamar discuss her relationship with Vince, and what changed. In addition, […]

Tamar Braxton gave fans on the Love And War Tour a scare when she had a meltdown and nearly lost her voice during a concert in Las Vegas last night. Friday was a tough for Tamar as her body gave out on her while she was on stage. It was so bad that her husband […]

Bye, bye summer, you were good to us. Welcome back-to-school specials and cardigans. The fall season is here, which means fall TV! Check out the shows you should be watching (or recording on your DVR). “I Dream Of NeNe” Station: Bravo Air Date: September 17, 9pm Getting married is supposed to be on of the […]

From the time Tamar Braxton stepped in the #TeamBeautiful office, we were sold on the fact that she was totally in love with her husband, music super producer, Vince Herbert and he in turn adored her and all her personality. Many accusations have hit the rumor mill–from her marrying him just for his money, to […]