#45 can dish out advice to others on how to deal with foreign affairs, but he just can't follow it.

United States launches cruise missile attack on Syrian airfield in response to recent chemical weapon attack

Read some tweets from residents of Aleppo in the gallery below. Our prayers are with them.

This week, President Obama shared plans for an accelerated U.S. bombing campaign against ISIS in Iraq (and soon to be in Syria) that will focus on eliminating key leaders and destroying the weapons that ISIS seized from the U.S. The expanded bombing is predicted to have ISIS on the defensive for the first time since […]

We are in the midst of witnessing one of the most disastrous humanitarian issues of our time and most of us don’t even know it. While the world was searching for memes of Miley Cyrus’ dancing bones on the MTV VMAs, Syria has been in the middle of a civil war and refugee crisis that […]