Ah, Ben Affleck. Hollywood Golden Boy. Two-time Oscar winner. One half of the phenomenon that was “Bennifer.” And the descendent of a slave-owning family member? Yikes! Affleck’s apparent familial ties to an alleged slave owner was recently revealed from the latest batch of emails hacked from the Sony Entertainment scandal back in December. This branch of his family tree was entirely omitted […]

  Mathew Knowles is back in the spotlight and this time it isn’t about his baby mamas and their court battles. A few weeks ago Sony e-mail hackers, “Guardians of Peace” revealed Knowles reached out to studio executives about making a movie focusing on Destiny’s Child. While the Screen Gems executive Clint Culpepper and Sony Pictures Entertainment’s co-chairwoman […]

North Korea is holding the U.S. responsible for its Internet being shut down and has resorted to calling President Barack Obama a “monkey” on the heels of Sony pictures deciding to release The Interview online. According to the Associated Press,  North Korea still steaming from accusations it is behind the Sony Pictures e-mail hacking scandal and […]

Idris Elba finally answered those wondering if he’s up to snuff to play the next James Bond. Buzz surrounding Elba slipping into the role started to re-surface once, leaked e-mails from Sony Pictures Entertainment Co-chairwoman Amy Pascal revealed she wants him as the next 007 once Daniel Craig is done portraying him in the hit movie franchise.  For […]

Can someone please tell Rush Limbaugh to have a seat in the corner? The controversial radio host had his pants all in a bunch over leaked e-mails revealing Sony Pictures Entertainment Co-chairwoman Amy Pascal’s pick on who the next James Bond should be. Last week those crafty Sony hackers calling themselves, “Guardians of Peace”, released e-mails featuring a […]

One of the latest leaked e-mails in the Sony Pictures hack has confirmed whispers about a groundbreaking dream gig for Idris Elba. There’s been buzz about Idris possibly playing James Bond for years, and the demand has been there ever since the idea first made its way around he Internet. His fans will tell that […]

Scandal-ridden Sony Pictures co-chairwoman Amy Pascal received  a serious dressing down from Reverend Al Sharpton surrounding her racially insensitive e-mail conversations with a producer. On Thursday, Pascal had a face-to-face with the good Rev. in Manhattan, where the two discussed creating ways to deal with the movie industry’s lack of diversity and racial bias against minorities. MUST READ: John Singleton […]

Director John Singleton is coming out in support of Sony Pictures co-chairwoman Amy Pascal and Hollywood mega producer Scott Rudin, in the wake of their controversial e-mails being released by Sony hackers. Those pesky e-mails aren’t racists one bit says Singleton. He knows both Pascal and Rudin all too well since he’s hung out with them both […]

Oprah Winfrey is speaking out about the recent Sony e-mail hacking scandal and her remarks may just surprise you. The media titan was on the red carpet promoting Selma, a film she’s both producing and starring in, where she told CNN’s Don Lemon people shouldn’t rush to judgement. According to Winfrey: I would hope that […]