Dante Servin, who shot unarmed Rekia Boyd, resigned before a hearing Tuesday over whether he should be terminated for the off-duty 2012 incident.

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Chicago Police Department Supt. Garry McCarthy has recommended the firing of the off-duty officer who shot and killed unarmed Rekia Boyd in 2012.

The family of 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed who was arrested for creating a digital clock that was mistaken for a bomb is seeking $15 million as well as a formal apology from his school district.

Dante Servin, the 46-year-old Chicago police who shot and killed 22-year-old Rekia Boyd was found not guilty on all charges today. Judge Dennis Porter revealed the devastating verdict today and was met with expected shock and outrage. Knowing this would be the result, it’s being reported that Judge Porter asked anyone who may become emotional […]

Federal investigators are now looking into the shooting death of a 17-year-old killed by a Chicago police officer, who shot the teen 16 times last October. A police dashboard camera that captured much of the shooting of Laquan McDonald has lead to a “speedy city settlement” of $5 million dollars for the family of McDonald, just […]

Dante Servin is the Chicago police officer charged with involuntary manslaughter in the fatal shooting of unarmed 22-year-old woman Rekia Boyd. He is now headed to trial after prosecutors claimed he recklessly opened fire over his shoulder at a group of people on March 21, 2012. Boyd was among the crowd and was fatally struck […]