police violence

The Franklin County Grand Jury decided not to pursue charges against officer Bryan Mason, calling the teen's death "justified."

After massive protests and intense media coverage following Michael Brown's murder, law enforcement is engaging with citizens more to build better relationships.

Jeremy Mardis' death proves that police practices across the board should be examined, no matter which communities they serve.

A new study from the Black Youth Project also found that the incarceration rate for Black women aged 18 and 19 is almost five times higher than for White female counterparts.

The Justice Department is set to open a federal civil rights investigation following the emergence of a now-viral video showing a school resource officer slamming and dragging a Black female student across the classroom.

Based on a viral video of Deputy Officer Ben Fields assaulting a Black female high school student, a local sheriff has requested that the SC FBI and the US Justice department intervene for an independent investigation.

While Blacks constitute 39 percent of Greensboro’s citizens that are of driving-age, they make up 54 percent of the drivers pulled over.

Plainclothes officer Randolph Holder and his partner were responding to the claim of a stolen bike when he was killed trying to detain the suspect.

The pool party cop has been sued in the past for alleged racially motivated hostility.

On Tuesday night, Brandon Glenn, a homeless man originally from New York, was shot and killed after a confrontation with the L.A.P.D.

While rushing home to obtain his daughter’s asthma medication, Brian Dennison, 29, was shot at by a Jacksonville sheriff, J.C Garcia. At the last-minute the officer was able to divert his weapon after and Dennison was unharmed. Dennison’s daughter, who was in the back seat, was suffering from an asthma attack at the time of the pursuit […]