"New Orleans is so soulful. Its uniqueness of architect, Indian culture, and its musical influence in the world has helped me develop who I am as a person and artist. Its influenced the structure of how I piece by outfits together."

Nicole Francois is an actress and you undoubtedly know this from the moment she walks through the door. Arriving over an hour late for our meeting, she walked in with an infectious smile. With bright green eye makeup, Nicole explained how her eyes constantly stand out. Shine on. Nicole is a burst of energy and […]

Barber Jaelyn only has to look to her arm for a daily reminder on what keeps her grounded.

My grandmother's real gold bracelet was a family heirloom that I was unable to save when the storm came. Once she died, I truly understood the value of keeping those precious mementos close.

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The retired teacher and dance instructor had not returned to the 9th Ward since Hurricane Katrina hit.

Take a look of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina from the perspective of fashion and style.

"Katrina taught me not to put so much stock in material things because they are replaceable."

This film explores the fashion and style of several women, post-Katrina. You don't want to miss.

If you love art and Black history, you need to visit these places in New Orleans.

Cantrell made history becoming the first woman and the first Black woman, to be sworn in the city's 300-year history.