Yahoo Finance's social media team tweeted out the following headline around 10:01 p.m. EST: “Trump wants a much nigger navy: Here’s how much it’ll cost.”

(Photo via Navy Times courtesy of Jessica Sims)   Just when we thought we were beginning to see the end of the “Natural Hair” bans in the military, Navy officials have announced a decision to give a 12-year African-American sailor the boot for failing to “obey an order” to cut off her natural hair (pictured above). MUST READ:  The […]

Most branches of the military are getting with the times and loosening up their standards about what kinds of hairstyles women are allowed to wear. “Army Regulation 670-1” was passed back in early March, and it stated that female soldiers weren’t allowed to wear their hair in “twists, dreadlocks, Afros and braids” during deployment. It […]

U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Marcus Harris had just ended a 9-month deployment from USS Barry in Norfolk, Va and was embraced by the sweetest and tiniest arms that have ever held him–his new daughter’s. Must Read: BED HEAD: How To Properly Wrap Your Hair At Night  “I’ve waited my whole life to meet […]