Mya threw it back to her classic 2000 "Best of Me, Part 2" North Carolina jersey video look while performing in Charlotte for the R&B Music Experience.

Mya looked timeless in her latest Instagram pictures. The singer showed off a huge smile and her glorious curves in a bikini.

Vegan songstress Mya continues to prove she has the key to the fountain of youth with this latest photo showing off her natural glow and curves.

Happy birthday to the timeless beauty that is Mya. Here are five reasons we love her!

Source: Nagina Lane / iONEDigital Mya has given us female anthems like Best Of Me, Case Of The Ex and My Love Is Like Wo but the 39-year-old songstress and dancer admits, she spent more time focusing on her career than building friendships with other women. After dropping nine independent projects, Mya is ready to […]

Mya never seems to age and that could be a testament to her natural skin care regime. While promoting her role on Girl Cruise, the 39-year-old songstress revealed her deepest beauty secrets and get this, they won’t break the bank or cost you much besides a trip to the supermarket. MUST READ: Mya: ‘Girls Cruise’ Shows […]

Singer, songwriter, actress Mya stopped by and let us take a look inside her bag. What’s in Mya’s bag you might be wondering? To start she never leaves home without her iPhone as well as a charger of course. Mya is a real fan pleaser, making sure she always carries around something to hand out […]

How far are you willing to go while sexting your boo? Does it get really raunchy or end in the exchange of nude photos? R&B singer Mya is down with the steamy texts but you won’t catch her sending any naked flicks. We caught up with the sexy vegan songstress, who released her eight album […]


She might have been number one on the charts, but is this look a hit?

Mya wants you to know that she has not at any point in time ever slept with Jay Z. Remember how Beyonce sent the world into a tizzy this week when she ad libbed a few new words into “Resentment” and everyone thought it was her very veiled admission that Hov had cheated on her? […]