Mikki Taylor

The Women’s Association of the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) took on fashion week with a private show held at Neiman Marcus in the upscale Short Hills Mall. Hosted by the fashion and beauty icon Mikki Taylor, editor-at-large for ESSENCE magazine, 100 of New Jersey’s leading women enjoyed a presentation of gala season’s most […]

With inspirational women like Cathy Hughes, Oprah and Iman to look up to, Black women entrepreneurs don’t have the mental block of uncharted territory to hold us back. We now can look to these trailblazers as motivators to reach our full potential. Mikki Taylor: “There are several important moments that pertain to women in black […]

Mikki Taylor's book "Commander in Chic: Every Woman’s Guide to Managing Her Style Like a First Lady" helps women to define their personal style and signature look.