Plus, JetBlue flight attendant's lawyers say "she may have not known" about the coke and a new study finds a link between coffee and miscarriages.


Microsoft deletes racist and sexist social media messages posted by its AI chatbot. The program learned hate speech from online users.

Also, a new study finds that 80 percent of girls in the juvenile system have experienced abuse and Microsoft cuts almost 8,000 jobs.

Jomiloju Tunde-Oladipo, a nine-year-old Nigerian recently became one of the world’s youngest certified Microsoft Office Specialists for Office Word 2010, according to the Nigerian Tribune. Tunde-Oladipo broke the record of a fellow Role Model School student, Seyi-Ojo Anjolaoluwa who became a Microsoft certified professional at the age of 10. Must Read: 3 Ways To Build An […]