Every so often Bill Maher will say something that's offensive and over-the-top. Friday was his most recent incident.

Bruh! Who hurt you? Michael Eric Dyson wrote the longest read we’ve ever read for the New Republic. The subject matter that made him furiously and eloquently type out his feelings? Cornel West. The Ghost of Cornel West begged the question: What happened to America’s most exciting Black scholar? And now that Dyson’s asking, we […]

Rewind back to 2007 when Bill Cosby had just commenced his nationwide tour of telling poor Black America to pull themselves up by their baggy jeans and get themselves together. Black America was unsettled by what seemed to be a never ending crusade waged by America’s favorite Jell-O pudding eating dad and fierce debates were launched […]

      Michael Eric Dyson is musing about what keeps White people below a certain tax bracket voting for politicians that don’t care about them. On Tuesday night, people turned up at the polls to cast their ballots in congressional and gubernatorial races all over the country. Much to many people’s disappointment of Democrats […]