One of the saddest trends in this country is reacting to an ongoing issue, after a life has been lost.

The queen of "Nerdland" recently made her first public appearance since her controversial departure from her MSNBC show

Here are the main things we should take away from Melissa Harris-Perry's epic departure from MSNBC.

Our favorite newscaster and the Queen of #Nerdland, Melissa Harris-Perry has officially cut all ties with MSNBC after enduring racism and lack of creative control. While we cringe at the thought of the famed journalist no longer being on air, it seems as though Perry is content with her decision to walk away from her […]

It’s gratifying to watch a black woman refuse to be silenced. Get in the action by watching seven of MHP’s best reads.

Soledad O’Brien appeared on Melissa Harris Perry’s show on MSNBC and they tackled inequality in the workplace, Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid, Eric Harris and Walter Scott among other pertinent topics. O’Brien participated in several panels, but it was her voice on behalf of HB Studio’s Women On Top that made us proud! MUST READ: MUST WATCH: […]


The U.S. Supreme Court is reviewing the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. The Inclusive Communities Project, Inc. case for the third time and news anchor Melissa Harris-Perry thinks we should all be “very afraid.” This case has somewhat challenges the Fair Housing Act of 1968 that determined no one could be denied […]


On Sunday the Apollo Theater in Harlem and WNYC partnered for a second year to present WNYC’s annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration with “Hear Our…

Melissa Harris-Perry had a segment discussing protestors holding a demonstration outside of Ferguson PD after the August 9th slaying of unarmed teen Mike Brown earlier this week and she made this bold statement: “I feel much more terror every time I see blue lights than when I think about Ebola or ISIS. It feels to […]

This Valentine’s Day, love was in the air in more ways than one for Melissa Harris-Perry and her husband of four years. According to reports, the MSNBC host and hubby James Perry adopted a beautiful baby girl who was born on the love holiday. Melissa announced the good news and shared photo of her new […]