The superstar's father was reportedly blind sided by the Internet breaking announcement.


The Urban Dictionary defines ‘Love Child’ as the illegitimate child of two adults conceived in a moment of passion.. . not to be confused with a ‘child of love’ which apparently is the exact opposite.  Here are some celebrities who have a love child or two.

  Mathew Knowles is back in the spotlight and this time it isn’t about his baby mamas and their court battles. A few weeks ago Sony e-mail hackers, “Guardians of Peace” revealed Knowles reached out to studio executives about making a movie focusing on Destiny’s Child. While the Screen Gems executive Clint Culpepper and Sony Pictures Entertainment’s co-chairwoman […]

Leave it to Solange Knowles to address the elephant in the room head on. On the heels of news breaking the newlywed Knowles was slapped with a tax lien from the state of California, the Puma Art Director and Creative Consultant responded to the buzz. TMZ broke the news three days after Knowles got married to longtime […]

It looks like Mathew Knowles is stooping to desperate lows to pay bills. The former Destiny’s Child manager is hawking his daughters’ personal items in a garage sale, including life size posters of Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle. According to TMZ, the giant pic of Bey is going for $200 and he’s not budging on the […]

  Could a Destiny’s Child movie be coming to a theater near you? If Matthew Knowles has anything to say it will. Sony hackers once again released a new round of e-mails featuring studio executives but this time with some of the music world’s biggest names. In an e-mail dated on Dec. 4, 2013 former Destiny’s […]

Beyonce promised fans two new singles ‘7/11″ and “Ring Off,” and they’re here. We repeat. Beyonce’s new singles are here…in their entirety and they’re pretty awesome. “Ring Off” is an upbeat, woman-empowering tune that seemingly details her “mama” Tina’s divorce with Matthew Knowles. (Bey doesn’t drop Tina’s name, but we’re pretty sure she’s talking about […]

Meet Beyonce’s Half-Sister Beyonce’s extended family gained another member when a paternity test proved Mathew Knowles to be the father of a woman named TaQoya Branscomb’s daughter Koi Knowles. The 30-year-old Houston native is opened up about their short romance on Inside Edition. According to Branscomb, Matthew allegedly told her he was unable to have […]

Apollo Skips Prison To Fight With Phaedra If you thought Apollo and Phaedra’s marriage was on the rocks before, wait until you hear this! The “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” husband was scheduled to turn himself in to authorities Wednesday (to begin his eight year sentence for bank fraud and identity theft) when he decided to […]

Khloe Kardshian Goes Gangster You have got to kidding… If this isn’t the definition of a “Daquan” meme on Instagram, we don’t know what is! Now that Khloe Kardashian is allegedly dating Bad Boy rapper French Montana, she’s channeling her inner “On The Run” Beyonce and holding up liquor stores. French Montana posted a photo […]

Alexsandra Wright Alexsandra Wright broke down into tears in front of her and Matthew Knowles’ love child Nixon after being evicted from her home. Alexsandra and Nixon packed their bags away and will most likely seek temporary housing at a shelter. Matthew’s child support payments were retroactively reduced from $14,000 to $2,400 a month therefore, […]

Matthew Knowles’ Child Support Payments Slashed We can officially file Beyonce’s father Matthew Knowles in the “ain’t sh*t” pile. After cheating on Mama Tina and fathering a child, Nixon (who he does not claim or see), outside of their marriage with Alexsandra Wright, a judge ordered in his favor to lower his child support payments […]