The love lives of celebrities can be facinating, as well as annoying.  Some stars trade one famous significant other for another and we can’t help but compare last week’s flavor to the current flavor and wonder is this an upgrade or a downgrade? You decide.

Don’t wait for baseball start Matt Kemp to start gearing up for diaper duty.  The San Diego Padres has denied reports he and his stylist Nchimunya Wulf were going to be parents. The rumors started to fester after a picture of Nchimunya appeared online via Instagram with her holding what appears to be a baby bump. Kemp, who famously […]

‘Beyonce’ Sales Jump Over 800K Beyonce’s self-titled fifth album sold over 828,773 copies (617,213 copies domestically) over the weekend snagging the number one spot on the charts and breaking the record for the fastest-selling album to ever hit iTunes, reports HuffingtoPost, making it the ultimate slap in the face to record execs who allegedly didn’t […]

Celebrity sex tapes are known for boosting or starting careers. From reality show stars to teen moms, every one seems to have taped themselves getting it in. Some hope these private moments will show off their best moves in the bedroom. We haven’t been bowled over by the latest offerings, maybe these will do it […]

Now that Rihanna has Chris Brown back in her life, you would think she would be content, but apparently she’s playing the field until they go public with their relationship. Rihanna has rekindled her friendship with ex-boyfriend Matt Kemp (can you blame her, Matt is beyond HOT)  and met up with him for drinks recently […]

Rihanna is back with her ex-boyfriend, Matt Kemp! The singer was spotted entering a strip club in London with boxer David Haye, but left the club holding her assistant’s hand, while her assistant covered her face to make the paps curious as to who Rihanna was leaving with. But it was an attempt to fool […]

Matt Kemp strips down for Flaunt magazine's latest issue. Inside, he gets wet for the black-and-white shoot while showing off his body, briefs...and tattoos.

Rihanna and Matt Kemp broke up a long time ago, but the Dodgers player insists the former couple are still friends and there’s no bad blood. He told Us Magazine, “She’s a good friend of mine. We’re good. We’ve all got busy lives and we’re working on our careers and concentrating on our careers. Like […]

Word on the street is that Rihanna and Matt Kemp are dating again. The couple was spotted having dinner in LA and looking very much like a couple. A MTO reader spotted the couple and took this pic which is a little grainy, but you can tell that is RiRi and Matt. There must be […]

Matt Kemp swears that he is over the celebrity status he had while dating Rihanna and is ready to get back to focusing on baseball, only. Yahoo! Sports remembers when Matt Kemp arrived as a rookie: “His skills were breathtaking. Built thick and strong and fast…with home-run power and base-stealing speed…” “He [became] a regular […]

After splitting in early December, rumor has it that Rihanna and ex-boyfriend Matt Kemp are dating again.Kemp was recently interviewed on 710ESPN Los Angeles the other day where he was asked about Rihanna. He answered in present tense..”Ri is a great person, a great motivator, somebody that I love dearly and she help me to […]

Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend Matt Kemp was spotted solo at the Clippers/Lakers game over the weekend. He sat alongside injured Laker, Matt Barnes. Source On Rihanna & Matt’s Break Up: “They Were Never Serious” Melody Thornton was also there that night to sing the national anthem just before tip off. Take a look: Matt Kemp Caught Cheating […]