Long gone are the days when maternity wear meant anything that covered your belly. Fashion has come a mighty long way, just like that baby bump of yours. With the popularity of online shopping, picking out pieces for any life experience is as easy as a click. The party doesn’t stop when you get pregnant, […]

It all started when Beyonce showed up at the Met Gala red carpet in a belted dress with a small but visible belly bump. Then due to “dehydration and exhaustion” (aka morning sickness) her Belgium concert was cancelled followed by a suspicious hand-written apology. On Friday, several unnamed “sources” confirmed to E! News that Mrs. […]

Maternity clothes aren’t the most glamorous. They also end up being a waste of money considering most pregnant moms tend to drop weight soon after her baby is born. Well, website Mine For Nine has covered both those bases! Mine For Nine makes high-end clothes available for a limited time, at a fraction of the […]