Scarlett Johansson discusses the hyper sexualization of Black Widow in the MCU and how the standalone film will be different.

"Just having a team of a bomb ass Black women supporting me and Marvel supporting us in the vision and the image that we wanted to create has been a dream come true," she said.

Get ready to storm the box office again because a Black Panther sequel has just been confirmed! With Black Panther being on track to earn $1 billion worldwide, no one should be surprised to find out that Marvel Studios is heading back to Wakanda! Forbes reports that the film has already made $920 million internationally, […]

The Internet has supplied us with the Princess Shuri doll we’ve been waiting on! While Black Panther has been life since it’s February 2018 premiere, Princess Shuri was easily one of the best parts of the movie. She’s inspired tons of fan art, but two fans have taken that to a new level. Princess Shuri […]

Roxane Gay feels snubbed after not making the guest list for the Blank Panther premiere this week. Seriously, Marvel? The Black Panther premiere may easily the most Black and Excellent that may happen all year. However, when Marvel was drafting its invite list for the premiere this week, it left one very important name off […]

It seems like Marvel is on a mission to present more images of Black women across the brand.

Tony Stark is backing away from his Iron Man armor and a 15-year-old Black girl will be suiting up in his place. Meet Riri Williams. She's about the slay your local comic shop.

Marvel is bringing back one of its old comics with a new twist and introducing a little more Black Girl Magic into its universe! The comic stand had pretty much been an old boys club for years until writers started incorporating more women into their stories. Even at that, those women were most likely White. […]

Ava DuVernay is onto the next challenge in her illustrious career, and Marvel Studios is hoping that it can wrangle her talent. Full disclosure: I’m still a little salty about the Oscar snub for her film Selma. However, no one can deny her cinematic talents for telling a great story, and Marvel has taken note. […]