Black women are dying at disproportional rates during and after childbirth regardless of socioeconomic or social status. MUST READ: Serena Williams’ Postpartum Issues Are A Lesson In Healing After Giving Birth Serena Williams opened up about almost losing her life after giving birth to her baby  Alexis Ohanian. The champion tennis player revealed she was […]

Do Black women endure unnecessary pain by dating “bad guys?” On this episode of “Listen To Black Women,” hosts Shamika Sanders, Africa Miranda and Jesse Woo address the trauma Black women often face dealing with damaged men, who intern damage women. The conversation was prompted by Slim Thug, who asserted Ciara settled with Russell Wilson […]


Should you? Would you? Have you? Did it make a difference? These are just some of the questions that arise when the topic of sex and waiting comes up. While some women have hard, fast rules about the timeframe before they’ll first have sex with a new partner, others are asking, “what timeline?” In this […]

Share your thoughts on colorism, mean girls, and beauty standards in this week’s Listen to Black Women poll.

This week Shamika Sanders, Brande Victorian, and guest host Tracy G. explore the topic of daddy issues and can you still have them even if your dad was present in your life.