Rep. John Lewis will not attend the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum opening because of Trump's "hurtful policies" being an "insult to people" portrayed in the museum.

Plus, Trump attacks Civil Rights icon John Lewis on Twitter and former South Carolina school officer won't face civil rights charges for throwing high school student out of desk.

Plus, civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis accepts National Book Award with emotional speech and three teens charged for hatchet attack on transgender woman in North Carolina.

A Stanford University study found that women will typically identify as multi-racial because of society's fascination with “exotic” women.

GA Rep. John Lewis refutes Bernie Sanders claims that he was involved in the Civil Rights Movement. "I never saw him," said Lewis.

On the heels of Twitter hiring a white man as their new vice president of diversity and inclusion, Pinterest takes a more purposeful step in hiring Candice Morgan as their first ever Head of Diversity.

Representatives G.K. Butterfield and John Lewis want Justice Antonin Scalia to recuse himself from an affirmative action case following his racist and disparaging comments.

America has lost a warrior of the Civil Rights Movement. Amelia Boynton Robinson died today in Alabama of a massive stroke.

Voting rights advocates are urging lawmakers to restore voting protections reduced in a 2013 Supreme Court decision.