We all watched J. Lo salsa across the stage for the Motown tribute at the Grammy this weekend and collectively thought it was trash, but there was one man who defended her participation in the honor from the jump. Smokey Robinson. #BlackTwitter erupted when it was first announced J. Lo would perform the tribute at […]

Smokey Robinson is probably the only person in the world who approved of J. Lo’s Motown tribute because Black Twitter was in shambles over the soulless performance. J. Lo, who said she grew up listening to Motown, should have known better than to sign on to do the tribute in the first place and that […]

In all fairness, Jennifer Lopez is a dynamic entertainer who we love to watch perform, but she’s not quite the act we want to see during a Motown tribute. J. Lo will hit the stage to honor the legendary label’s 60th anniversary and give a glimpse of what we can expect from the full “Motown […]

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Are J. Lo and Drake a real couple or is this a publicity stunt?

In case you missed it, Joseline Hernandez announced she's pregnant (if you believe this photo of what appears to be her baby bump) on Instagram, leaving fans questioning if Stevie J is the father.

Just when we thought Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez were done being petty, their egos have flared up again.

NeNe’s Son Bryson Bryant Spent Time In Jail  NeNe Leakes spent 2014 celebrating her accomplishments on TV and Broadway, but her son Bryson Bryant found himself in jail after a series of run-ins with the law. After skipping multiple court appearances, failing a drug test and refusing to pay a court ordered fine, Bryson was locked […]