Hydeia Broadbent made HIV/AIDS real. Her visibility, courage, and fearlessness changed perspectives, broke stigmas, and evolved conversations.

Name: Hydeia Broadbent | HIV/AIDS Activist Age: 27 27 year-old Hydeia Broadbent is a crusader for HIV/AIDS prevention.  After contracting HIV from her drug-addicted biological mother, Hydeia has been courageously sharing her own battle with the disease to educate others about the dangers of HIV/AIDS and how to prevent it.  As the co-author of the […]

From the time she was seven years old Hydeia Broadbent has been at the forefront of spreading awareness about the impact of HIV & AIDS. In 1996, her infamous statement at the Republican Convention– “I am the future and I have AIDS” — catapulted her and the reality of the disease to national acclaim. Infected […]