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Months after Hurricane Maria ripped through the island of Puerto Rico and left it with devastation and destruction that it may never fully recover from, a new heartbreaking trend has emerged—in the form of local suicides. In an exclusive report from Splinter, in the months following Hurricane Maria, the number of suicides on the island […]

Take a look at who used their fame to help those who have been devastated in Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas, Mexico and beyond.

The President proves once again that he lacks empathy for people of color.

The Fenty creator and singer took to social to remind #45 how dangerous his inaction to Hurricane Maria's devastation has been to American citizens.

3.5 million residents are still left without as natural resources continue to diminish.

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló called the hurricane the "most devastating storm to hit the island this century, if not in modern history."